Monday, December 15, 2008

The apple of my eye...

Roughly 4 weeks ago, Zach started to put the "pop" in Pop Goes the Weasel when I sing it to him. He consistently has done this - and loves doing it - even with an audience. This makes Momma so-o-o happy. Especially since he consistently does it. This is a big deal folks.

Then he saw a picture of the Sesame Street sign and said "Elmo". I then grabbed a picture of Elmo - and he said "Elmo" then too. Whoa! Spontaneous labeling AND consistency.

A few evenings ago, he told Steve to "wake up" when Steve was pretending to sleep. We weren't sure at first, but then he repeated it again, when Steve pretended to go back to sleep. WHOA!
I think it is so cool when he says phrases, but Steve has reminded me that he really isn't saying sentences, as explained to us at Yale. The term is called gestalt language and means a phrase is learned in its entirety as one concept without comprehending the individual words. Thus, my working with him to say "up" when he would like me to lift him into my arms is still not there yet. However, I still appreciate his achievement; spontaneous, consistent, socially appropriate language and not just a noun or a label!

Zach's SLP canceled for today. So today after dropping Sophia at her preschool, we took a trip to Wegman's (one of the great things about living in upstate NY) to go shopping. We brought our returnable cans and Zach loved putting them in the machine to be crunched. He really seems to be where he should be with his motor skills - I hope that stays the same.

As we walked in the store - a table filled with well polished apples was nearly straight ahead. Zach began repeating "apple", "apple", "apple" louder and louder. I quickly grabbed one, ran into the women's room, washed it, and zipped back out and gave it to him with tears in my eyes. My mother-in-law was there to witness the whole event. I kept on repeating to myself, "I will not cry in Wegmans, I will not cry in Wegmans". Never heard him say apple before. And he wanted one. Can more words get added to make such requests?

His occupational therapist came and no real language came out - although last week when he first met her, and she played a game of knocking, he said "Who's there?". Who is there? Who is my little boy? Can I get him to say more to find out? I can see so much in him without speech - there can only be more. I can't wait to find out.

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