Friday, February 27, 2009

Eating bonbons

When most people ask me about my career situation, I tell them that I work part time. Many a time, I receive the "oh, how nice" - like I am some spoiled little housewife who sits around all day watching the soaps and eating bonbons. I am not even sure what a bonbon is, so I had to Google it. They look really good don't they?

Most of these people don't have children, so I remember what I thought I would be doing when I stayed home with Sophie for the first time - I had plans to paint the house, decorate, community service projects, yada yada yada. Uhh... then reality slapped me like an abusive spouse. I was lucky if I brushed my teeth once during the day. I know all you moms out there remembering this stuff (if not going through it at present) are nodding right now.

So - here is a look at my day: woke up at 6:30, showered and made myself presentable, cleaned the whirlpool tub, grabbed a cup of coffee, 2 loads of laundry, got the kids dressed, got the kids fed, made the beds, therapist #1 showed up, took Sophie to school, made arrangements with the directors daughter to interview her for summer help (she's majoring in OT), came back home, cleaned dishes from breakfast, paid a bill, therapist #2 shows up, then therapist #3 showed up - held a meeting of the team discussed strategy and schedules, pick up Sophie from nursery school, meet with therapist #3 privately and then she leaves, then therapist #4 shows up and starts her business.

Amidst the chronic chaos of therapists, my sister called to tell me Mom has pneumonia. I ask her viral or bacterial - she says that they gave her antibiotics, so it is likely bacterial or at least being treated as much. Pneumonia is not good for anyone. It is worse for the elderly. It's bad for someone with COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (asthma/emphysema) and now let's add the lung cancer and pulmonary embolism to the mix. Uugghh.

I notice a beep on the answering machine. Likely got a call when picking up Sophie from pre-school. I check it to find a message from the pediatrician's office. Huh?

I call them back. They tell me they'll call me back. It's games like these that really get on your nerves when you are working with several doctors and trying to let them know you have a life too.

They call back - there was some report from Zach's neurologist office. Something about they don't believe he has epilepsy but that there was some sort of abnormality and they want a follow up appointment. Wow. Pneumonia and some sort of neurological abnormality all within a half hour. Yeah - those bonbons taste great. Why did the neurologist not contact us directly?

Therapist #4 leaves, I rock both kids to sleep for naps. Ahhh, quiet. I start another load of laundry and fold a load, go pick up trash in the yard, get the mail, empty the dishwasher, send a few emails, check my work email, and attempt to process the previous phone messages. I call Steve and tell him what's going on - quiet is over. Zach gave me 25 minutes - Sophie is up too. Uugghh. No break. No lunch. It's almost 3:00. I call Steve back. Can he call the neurologist and see what is up? My heart is wrenched. What is going on? I don't know and I don't have enough information about this "abnormality" to Google it either. Just some sort of "abnormality". Freaking doctors.

No trip to Weggies to get fixins for dinner. I'm still hacking up a lung myself. Is pneumonia contagious? My mom has it and one of my therapists son's has it.

Yeah - this day off was so relaxing. I want a glass of wine. I decide to pray instead - if I could only get Zach to quit wanting me to hold him upside down and get Sophie to quit whining. Yeah - I bet those bonbons would be good.

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