Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Friday and Happy

We are getting ready for Easter. In accordance to the traditions I was raised with, we went to visit a couple of churches last night. I taught Sophia that this was a time of intense prayer and deliberation on just what Jesus did for us. Sophia, in her very astute nature, noticed that the holy water fonts were vacated. She asked me why. For the life of me, I didn't know, other than to say it was ritual. Google is making me a better Catholic:

Holy water is removed from the fonts in preparation of the blessing of the water at the Easter Vigil. This removal also corresponds to those days on which the Eucharist is not celebrated.

I bet most of you can guess what a lot of my intense prayers were concerning. Anyhow, I "shshshed" the kids a few times last night, and Zach independently "shshshed" me at one point. This was very funny.

Zach was somewhat fussy as he awoke today. Therapist # 1 L came and he engaged with her and cried at her in spurts. I found it amusing the way he stuck his foot out at her to put his shoe on. When she left, he did not say goodbye. OK. He did a high five to her and gave her a kiss, begrudgingly. OK session, working on me being present while demands are placed on him. Thought this might be important.

Therapist #2 H. arrives. A little crying, not so bad. We discuss progress and goals a bit, and off they go to the therapy room. Boy did he cry. It was one of those "maybe I should go for a walk because I don't know if I can take this sort of crying" episodes. I asked Sophia if she wanted to go to Wegmans to get the Easter ham. She replied: "I really want to just stay home and hang out." I understood and respected her wishes. The ham could wait. But could my nerves hold out?

At some point the crying ceased. I went upstairs into an adjacent room to hear "yeah, Zachy" interspersed with a whine/cry and a "good job Zachy!". I had no idea what was really going on other than controlled chaos.

At some point, H. came down to get more cookies. Zach was upstairs by himself, not crying. This was good. She told me - "I don't know what you are hearing but this is a good session." Uh, OK.

Therapist #3 C. shows up. Zach comes downstairs and throws a tantrum on the floor. While he is tantruming (imagine this: full red face, tousled hair, lying on the floor with tears streaming down his face) she shows me the data. Zach was reluctantly imitating her with and without prompts. She said it was the best session he ever had with her, despite the crying. She strongly emphasized this point. I fed Zach lunch, H. went away, and then on to C. we went.

He whined for a bit, and I decided to be present for this session also. He was reluctant in playing with C. but did a bit. She didn't force too many demands on him. At some point, he did say "go" after hearing me count 1-2-3 when playing with a ball. OK, that's OK. I had put my hands over his (hand-over-hand) to get him to sign for "ball" to request it in playing with him. He wouldn't independently do it. Ball game gets put away, and magnetic fish puzzle gets pulled out. We are trying to show Zach to put the pieces in, and he is once more being reluctant. C. then goes on to tell me that he has done the puzzle before in a different session, so he knows how to do it. OK. Next thing you know he says "Cocoa" - so now you know the name of our thirds therapist. It was as clear as day. He went on to repeat it a few minutes later. WHOA?! Cocoa pulled out a book, and asked Zach if he would like to read a book. He then said "book" and came over and sat with Sophia while Cocoa read the book. He repeated book 2 times more. Cocoa left us; I was totally elated.

I asked Zach to "come" to me to get his diaper changed. He said "come" twice as he came to me to get his diaper changed. Throughout all of today's sessions, his eye contact has been terrific. I could not believe my ears - he said someone's name other than mine! Was it functional? Not totally, but it is a step in getting there.

I'll keep on praying.

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