Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas at our house- Part II : The Story of the Toilet Brush

Our terrific lighting scheme (albeit far from the evenly spaced lumens I had hoped for) was no match for the next event: putting up the tree. Yes, we have a fake tree in our house, and I like it. So backoff. Now, for years, we were unable to have a real tree in the house due to our precious dog Buddy's allergies. Yes, only we would own a dog who was allergic to just about every species of tree native to North America. So, the fake tree would have to do.

I have yet to have this discussion, but I am one to try and reclaim a nickel if I can. When Mom upgraded her fake tree to a pre-lit variety, I gladly grabbed her old tree. Much like others out there, I hated stringing the lights on the stinking tree- so one year, I just left them on, and stuffed the thing up into our attic, lights still on, and voila- made myself a pre-lit tree. Steve was not in love with this tree nor the storage method. He affectionately nicknamed this little tree of my parents "the toilet brush" and soon, I was afraid I had to agree that the aesthetic presence of our little tree was waning. I proceeded to cut out my Michael's coupon and purchased a nice meant to be pre-lit tree (with colors since that's what I preferred as a kid and figured that's what my kids would want.)

When we moved, we never anticipated that our ceilings would be lower in a newer home, but we ended up having to fit this tree in our family room where the ceilings are vaulted. You will note that the breakable ornaments magically gravitate to the top of the tree. I cannot take all the credit for this lovely tree, indeed Sophia and Zach have decided to redecorate the tree to their own liking on nearly an every day basis.

You will also notice the attempt made to pose the kids in front of the tree for a nice holiday shot to send out as a card. This resulted in Sophia quickly donning a hula skirt and pink sunglasses, and Zach refusing to look towards me regardless of what crazy noise I was able to conjure up outta my mouth. Around here, we have learned you have to take the shots when given the chance, and give up on any posed/purposed shots. I like to think there is someone else calling the shots around here, and it aint us.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

We're big fans of faked trees here, since I cannot stand the mess real trees make and willing to sacrifice the smell. We had to take quite a few shots to come up with a decent family photo this year. Sophia's outfit is rather hilarious.